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logoThe history of Casals goes back to the end of the XIX century (1881) when the founder Francesc Casals Fransoy opened a small workshop in the centre of Ripoll (Girona). From the mechanizing of the cast iron pieces and the making of machinery for factories and workshops, this small business developed through the years and became a business dedicated to the manufacturing of spare parts for tools and afterwards to the tooling manufacturing.

Currently, as a fan manufacturer of fans with over 125 years of experience, Casals Ventilation has a wide catalogue available in the market of technical ventilation for building constructions and industrial fans. In this catalogue the wide range of certified fans of 400ºC/2h is amongst the most important and noticeable items found. In addition to the professional technical team prepared to resolve the doubts, Casals supplies the most appropriate product to satisfy the needs and projects of the clients.

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